Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lip Obsession!

No, i have not yet indulged my wallet in a nude orange or orangey with a tad of rouge lipstick YET.
but i plan on it. 
This summer i've been stuck to my bright purple and bright bright red lipstick
with fall creeping around the corner i'll most likely be going back to nudes... or darks. both.
orange, though, is nice for fall i think as well.
i'm starting to believe more and more that a girl can never have enough lipsticks tucked away in her make-up drawer. it's my recent addiction, along with shades and specs. so fun.


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Tues night was lady gaga's concert.
nik [my sis] & her friends and i met up with a couple guys from gaga's crew. they were neat, we had a fun time, although we didn't have anywhere to go really at 3 am on a tues after hanging about town, not much was open. so we split at about 4 am, nik and i and her friends went for thai food, while i was designated driver and somehow kept my eyes open for the ride home. 
[i apologize for the crappy image quality. nik apparently doesn't know how to use the scene selections on her cam. HAH].

i really had an awesome night. it' s not every night you get to hang with people who are associated with gaga, but even besides that fact though, they were fun peeps.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

north side

This was such an awesome day.

1) matiya & i realized we are long lost sisters---- we have matching broken pinkies, we are both half flip half white and we both have youtube accounts that are basically the same username [and we met once before finding this out].... so weird... hehe.
2) i ran into carmen and ashley who i hadn't seen in about a year! twas lovely.
3) i got to go gaga over matiya's wardrobe [& this is only her wardrobe at her dad's house, apparently it's nothing compared to her other house's closet]. dang girl.
4) matiya turned into a vampire. hehe.


in the depth of my soul there is a wordless song

If going back to school could only look this good...
i've constantly been thinking how much my style is going to change once i start school. cause i'm going to be dancing basically every day which means= tights, leotards, sweat pants and stretchy pants.
school is mon-fri.
i may lose my sense of style. and as corny and silly as that may sound, it scares me a tad.

PS i peaced out of facebook.
i may come crawling back in a couple months or so, but i want to experience life without facebook, seeing as i've been addicted to it for the past 5 years. so sad.
[if you are my friend and you need to contact me, comment on my blog, twitter or e-mail me.]


Friday, August 20, 2010

He's about to show you how he's capable of breaking your heart into gajillions of pieces.

It's back to school in a couple weeks.
it's weird, so many people have asked me if i'm excited, nervous, not ready. my answer is i'm all 3.
i'm not too sure what to expect for my first year of post secondary, but i am looking forward to start dancing up again and meeting lots'a neat people. 

My mumma bought me the comfiest shirt when we went to the states from f21. i was so shocked to find something like this there. i mean... it's plain, boring & grey but the fabric is so yummy and comfy and the fit and shape of it is lovely. i love the slouchy-ness of it.

So i saw these extraordinary [but costly] designer heels...
And then i saw these...
And these... from forever 21
Brian Lichtenberg's collection for forever 21.
lichtenberg is an LA-based designer known for his unique fashion sense and style. forever 21 is so lucky to have him bring his creative style to their stores.
to be honest i'm not crazy about the t shirts...
only because they're t-shirts, and i'm just not a huge fan.
the idea is nice though. i actually went into f21 yesterday and tried on the above t-shirt & i wasn't thrilled.
BUT the accessories and shoes and A-mazing.
I was so close to buying this yesterday. until i sadly realized i was over my shopping limit [i went to the states].


Natt the photographer

i played photographer at my friend karn's bday bbq.
it was freakin' scorchin' out that day.
i remember sitting in the shade and feeling like i was in a sauna. uncomfortable heat is worse than the cold. i find.
but we can only be satisfied for so long. once it's cold we want heat & once it's too hot we want the refreshing breeze.
we are needy people.
.....anyway, enjoy!


Monday, August 16, 2010

"gail would not approve" -aliG

Sunday evening was an evening for getting lost.
ali was the driver via la chinese noche market [?] hehe.
it also consisted of walking in the crowded asian invaded area [of the Chinese Night Market] and driving in reverse thru the mcdix drive thru & asking for green tea ice cream [the chinese night market was out of it].

[this photo is inappropriate, hence aliG]

xtra xtra:
-aliG got BANGS!
-" looks sexy in lace
-" + gang [me & sam] have a terrible sense of richmond surroundings
-mcdix does NOT have green tea ice cream.
-THE HYPE MACHINE click! click!
-sam is the voiceover for stitch [in lilo and stitch]