Saturday, April 30, 2011


advance apologies. this will be very brief. i was caught in the ladies line to the washroom which took 500 years.
i'll start by saying that the orchestra at the beginning was beyond beautiful. i just sat and closed my eyes and allowed the music to move me. ugh. violins. 
so far i can tell you that this is one incredible opera. i mean, it's no secret that these singers have incredible voices but we still have to be able to admire their talent.
i counted the 'chills' 4 times while i was watching. i got goosebumps up my arms. 
times up.
cya after the show! :)



The first thing i notice when i see a crowd of dazzling people is....
what they're wearin'.
when it comes to the opera you can basically dress however fancy you like. 
some people are in gowns, some in skirts and blouses and some people, like alison & i, dressed the same. was this planned? absolutely not. we think it's hilarious. we never told each other what we were going to wear tonight but it just so happened that we showed up as twins. although she has lovely red locks and i have brown hair with terrible blonde streaks that need a real good touch up. 

but back to what matters...
we got our backstage tour and my oh my. a chandelier hanging from above while a lovely table set is to the side and across is a couch. i guess in the era you wouldn't call it a couch but seeing as i'm a modern 19-year old, thats the first word that comes to my mind.. no? i'm not sure of the proper name for it. so i won't make a fuss. but you get me.. right? ;)
i learned that this set is kept in New York. yes... you heard me: NY. they ship it all the way here... crazy hey? & it took them about 10 hours with 14 men to set it up. not half bad.
then we went back BACK stage and saw more of the set and alison met the love of her life: the spiral staircase. she's always wanted to see a spiral staircase backstage in a theatre... face-to-face to be specific. she loved it. 
and soon before ye know it we're back at out tables bloggin' away.
ahem... i mean...
"La Traviata will begin in ten minutes. Please take your seats."
well enjoy these photos for now.. and i'll see ya at the intermission!



we made it!
we are at the queen elizabeth theatre. 
and we got wifi! finally. technical difficulties are not so 'difficult' anymore.. hehe.
we are just about to be let out to get out backstage tour!
 t minus 1 hour before La Traviata starts!


Friday, April 29, 2011

head scarf style #3

head scarf -style numero tres.
super simple 'n easy. i didn't even need to show a 'how to'. basically you just twist the scarf and tie around your head. depending on how long your scarf is.. for me... i tied mine in a knot at the back and just tucked it behind the scarf so it was unnoticeable. 
this scarf style gives off a sorta desert-like vibe. ya na?
ps. my friend anna cut my hair.. only about an inch. could ya tell? :P
pretty scarves for sale @ V for: ▼intage 


La Traviata- you ready?

i'm going to be a blogger for the Vancouver Opera!
usually it's a my sis nik who blogs for them BUT since she's MIA in aussie land, imma be a'takin' over her spot tomorrow night.
So are you excited? Are you going? If not tomorrow i hope you make it out at some point to see LA TRAVIATA. 
so let me begin by advance-warning that i'm not a huge wiz when it comes to opera, however, i did take some opera with my past singing teacher [ann golden fisher- who was fan-freakin-tastic] but in all honesty, at the time, i wasn't much of one to go and do my research. and might i add that i very much appreciate the talent of an opera singer. my goodness. you really gotta take care of that voice...
someone who i'm sure knows much more than me about opera will be coming with me tomorrow night, my lovely friend alison. her and i both take Musical Theatre at Capilano University- our first year of three. i think that she is someone who will really appreciate this opera considering her knowledge of the genre. she comes to school with her big 'ol headphones and stacks of opera CDs.. so it's a pleasure that i get to bring her along with me :)
like most operas, it's very dramatic and packed with romance and heartbreak. so don't be afraid to pack some handy-dandy kleenex in your cluth/purse/murse... ye know. [for you opera-regulars, i'm sure you're already aware of this]
Man alive. i'm so excited to see this opera. i read a great illustrated synopsis however i didn't want to post it because i didn't want to give away the ending. [in all honesty i originally posted the link but then erased it thinking it was too much of a spoiler]. however, if you think i'm nutso and you would still like to know what's a'happenin' in La Traviata just visit their site and go to "opera live" and it'll give you the rundown. 
now i have to decide on what i'm going to wear tomorrow.
i mean WHAT ON EARTH am i going to wear TOMORROW!
sorry guys. i am a woman, and i intend to dress appropriately for this event. 
i'll whip up some sort of outfit. may take hours but it will be done. 
[big] PS. for those who won't be there tmrw evening i'll be blogging during the opera so be sure to stay tuned from 6:30-10PM tmrw evening! :)


Thursday, April 28, 2011


aren't these fun?
makes me wanna move out now and decorate a space of my own.
i'm so limited to creative ideas in my little room cause mother is so particular what goes down. some mothers are just a little more paranoid than others. it's okay, i understand her. she likes things clean and simple.