Saturday, May 5, 2012

dat new new

Bought this blouse at my favorite 2nd-hand shop: 
community thrift and vintage.
i can't wait to create outfits that clash and look mismatched avec this button-up.

ps. the top button must always be buttoned.


Food Phatty

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you'd have heard about my wisdom teeth removal. 
But to be honest, it went much smoother than expected.
There could have been complications (two teeth were close to nerves), but luckily nothing went wrong. so i'm blessed for that.
The past few days my diet has consisted of:
- sortbet
- rice pudding
- mom's special macaroni
- chicken noodle soup
- pudding
- eggs
- avocado 
- tea

After I woke up from the surgery i was quite out of it. When i was taken to the resting room my mom was there and the dentist said "now you can go home and eat ice cream and pudding". Apparently i started crying and said "we only have yogurt".
hahaha so typical of me.
so my mom being the mom she is went out and bought some other yummy selections.
Now i'm just on pain killers and sitting around and sleeping most of the time.
Soon enough, though, this lazy behaviour will be over and my crazy lifestyle will start up again.

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Friday, May 4, 2012


mint pink pastels


daisy fever

sour cherry

blue grass

kitty crumbs


floral charm

what'cha fink?