Sunday, September 30, 2012

wait, will i?

i listen to it too much i know, i just love it.


new stuffs & the "butt grab" game

cut-out sweater, maxi skirt & heart necklace- Sheinside, gold leather cuff- Joe Fresh, casio watch- PLNDR
this was saturday.
it was a rocky morning 1. cause one of the snaps from my backpack broke off and 2. i planned to be super early for work but i mixed up the bus schedule so i ended up waiting an extra hour for my bus and was late for work.
but the evening was a blast. 
we went out for lindsay's bday & i played the "grab some guy's butt on the dancefloor without them knowing it was you" game.
i'm telling you, it's extremely amusing.
especially when they're dancing with someone and they both become very confused. 
i was peeing myself laughing cause no one knew it was me... till at least an hour later.
so stealth. 


you are the knees

i was doing this super rad trick on my skateboard and bailed and got holes in the knees of these ancient hudson jeans.
[or maybe i just cut them myself with a pair of scissors and tried to make em look all B.A]
anyhow, i woke up mid morning and went for brunch with friends at the elbow room in yaletown area. 
i got to check it off my list of food places i've been wanting to try out.
it was a hoot.


it's always the nice looking shoes that are the most painful to wear

 jean vest- thrifted, blue jersey shirt- Aritzia, lace shorts- Free People, spike earring- Romwe, black shoes- Choies, casio watch- PLNDR

went to two birthdays on the weekend.
stefania & lindsay. 
i forgot how much these shoes KILL your feet after walking around in them for hours. 
pretty.. but so painful. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

neck & ear sugaa

pretty freakin stoked to receive these items...

yaa i fell into the rhinestone trend for this fall.
& i'm embracing the old school style of chokers again. 

[OASAP discount code: n4w4y5]
go wild.


evening in

photo from last week with em.

it's been another lazy evening for my roomie & i.
i'm currently come off a french vanilla caffeine high.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

reality check

"you're not interested in others, but you hate being alone".


yum, junk.

ph 1: thierry's is my favorite place to get macarons. it's near where i work so i normally go before or during shifts.. they're very addicting.
ph 2: tried whipped cream vodka and mixed it with diet pepsi... tastes like vanilla coke! Mmm
ph 3: choco chip waffles + oreo ice cream. enough said.
ph 4: eggs benny @ two chefs and a table. awesome place to go to for brunch.


Monday, September 24, 2012

twiggy flashback

these are from half a year ago.
so weird.
my blonde a$$ hair and thin brows.
i posted this cause i was looking across photos of twiggy & i really dig her classic eye  make-up.
it's slightly crazy if you were to make it your every-day routine, but it'd be fun for going out now & then. 
you got the strong black crease on the lid, big top & bottom [especially bottom] lashes, the illusion of bigger eyes [white eyeliner] and [if you don't naturally have some, *ahem* like myself, just draw em on] freckles. 
taa daa! 


high top wedges.


58 CAD -

235 CAD -

i've strongly considered buying a pair.
some people love em, some hate em.
they're becoming/ have been a pretty big trend...
if you don't know, now you know.


VFW spring/summer '13

i wore: trench- Oak and Fort, cami/tank- Community [thrifted], boyfriend jeans & suede heels- Zara

so friday night was spent at vfw with the lovely emily. 
we stayed for about 3 shows and then called it a night.
some neat bathing suits & funky lace pieces caught my eye.
i especially enjoyed scoping out the styles of the people attending the event.
a girl with blue hair and girl sporting a bright yellow head scarf really stood out to me.
thanks to Garry for the invite!- it was a nice evening :)


Sunday, September 23, 2012

little late.


Bang for your buck.

CELINE cuff-necklace
CÉLINE jewelry

ASOS Smooth Collar Necklace

OASAP Glossy Torque Necklace with Cut out Detail


discount code: n4w4y5


weather dropping

black blazer & toque- T.Babaton [Artizia], tank- Cheap Monday, jeans- JBrand, boots & gold cuff- ASOS

saturday's work outfit.
it's gettin' chilly out...


new arrivals

i got a few items in the mail!
this sweater from sheinside and mini casio watch from plndr.
i love the anticipation of waiting for items to arrive and the enjoyment i get from opening up the packages
much more exciting than regular shopping ;P


Saturday, September 22, 2012

a glimpse

a few shots from this evening at vfw with em.
had a nice time...
more photos to come later!


Friday, September 21, 2012

stealing space

before chopping off my mop.